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We are thinkers and doers with a mission to improve the quality of lives and our environment through innovation.  We team up with top startups to nurture and fuel growth.
We do it because we truly believe that they are the heroes who will create solutions for some of the biggest challenges of our time.  Whether you’re a startup looking for hands-on support or a corporate seeking innovation you’ll find that we’re a bunch of passionate people with a strong sense of execution and above all, a willingness to get our hands dirty, together with you.
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Huffington Post

Since 2010, Accelerace has helped more than 250 startups raise over 269.5 million US dollars in funding and investment.

Europe's no. 1. seed-acceleator

Read more in the European accelerator report by Gust.


Many of the top accelerator programs can be found in regions all over the world. […] the top Seed Accelerators are Start-Up Chile, Latin America’s NXTP Labs, Europe’s Accelerace, and Canada’s Alacrity Foundation.

Business Insider Nordics

“Focus on the beach-head; park all other ideas that don’t seem to work. We were a part of the Accelerace program in 2015, and this was the main learning that helped us.” – Erdem Ovacik, CEO, Donkey Republic

Among the top 10 seed accelerators globally

Read more in the global accelerator report by Gust.

Top 10 EU Accelerators 2017

By Venionaire Capital

Accelerace wins the award as best accelerator 2017

By Nordic Startup Awards


Accelerace recieves grant og 20M DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to build the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME)


"In the beginning of the accelerator, we had a workshop where we got a thorough review of our past major decisions (e.g. what we have done and why). It was a good retrospective to form a base for future decisions. We are now forming stepping stones and a roadmap on what is needed for a complete scalable business model." Read more about PeiliVision on the Accelerace blog

Jussi Auvinen CEO PeiliVision

Draupnir Bio

Our participation in Accelerace has revolutionized our growth opportunities and showed us the way to a strong business case. Read more about Draupnir Bio on the Accelerace blog

CEO of DraupnirBio & PhD in Molecular Biology, Simon Glerup


"The Accelerace team has in the one month already proven to be a massive source of support, belief and education. It has increased our knowledge and keeps sharpening our focus while opening up doors to new corporate partners. We already have heavyweight director’s joining as mentors providing invaluable insight how to grow our business further.”

“So far we have been taught in about Investment key metrics, the economics of investing in startups, Beach Head Strategy relating to marketing to your target audience, how to incentivize employees in a small team through legal schemes in the camps. During our weekly meetings our mentor, Oliver Repenning, is guiding and supporting us with the social media marketing tools to ensure a successful strategy and implementation. He provides great insights to tips and tricks that can fine tune our go-to-market strategy, which is very valued by our team.” Read more about StopMyCraving on the Accelerace blog

Sofie Annikki Dralle, CEO StopMyCraving


“Driven by the growth of renewable energy sources and the rise of digital technologies, the energy landscape is in transformation. Tomorrow, the consumer will have an ever more active role to play as a ‘prosumer’. This will offer opportunities to existing but also new actors.   By joining forces, Elia and Accelerace aim to provide the necessary support and technical expertise to nurture innovations and help start-ups grow in the electricity sector.”

Manoël Rekinger, Strategic Partnership Manager at Elia

Novo Nordisk

At the Novo Nordisk Foundation, we are very pleased with the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) that Accelerace has established over the last year. Today NOME covers the entire Nordic region including life science start-ups from all Nordic countries and several high-level mentors in the network. NOME is surely on its way to become the beacon in the ecosystem that we had hoped for from the very beginning.

Thomas Alslev Christensen, Head of Operations, Novo Nordisk Foundation


"Enel and Accelerace had the opportunity to collaborate in the implementation of the INCENSe program, a European accelerator funded by the European Commission. The collaboration was great, as the startups selected received a really valuable support and were well prepared to get in touch with Enel’s business lines to implement their solutions."

Luca Seletto, Head of startup Initiatives, Enel


"I think the tailored Accelerace program where we have a personal mentor that follows us in one-to-one sessions is just unique, and that’s really what we need."

Peter Nørtoft, CEO, Aqubiq


"Accelerace helped us optimize our business model and scale our sales process. We grew from 10 to 25 employees, and we have tripled our revenues. We could never have done this without the help from Accelerace!”

Jens Reimer, Co-founder, Graduateland


“Above all, being part of the Accelerace program helped us understand how investors think. That’s basically why we were able to refine our business model, nail our pitch and eventually secure substantial venture funding to develop and grow our business."

Christian Lund, CEO, Templafy


"The Accelerace program has helped us with our strategic priorities in reaching product-market-fit. We have saved time and boosted our progress as a direct result of the advice we receivedfrom our Accelerace mentors and at their workshops. We are deeply grateful for the personal and professional way that the program has been executed and we do not hesitate to recommend Accelerace to other SaaS startups."

Andreas D. Christiansen, CEO & Co-founder at Praice

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