Meet the faces
behind Accelerace

With a mix of Danish directness, dark Estonian humor, Swedish political correctness, a mumbling British accent, and occasional Valencia/Catalan conversations, we love to scout, coach, matchmake, and invest in startups.

Peter Torstensen
Managing partner & CEO
+45 39179993

David Ventzel
Partner and fund manager
+45 31332317

Claus Kristensen
Partner and head of sales
+45 25458430

Mads Løntoft
Head of Acceleration
+45 21425125

Michael Rohde Böwadt
Business accelerator & investment manager
+45 22124242

Sebastian Løvgreen
Business accelerator & investment manager

Rebecca Guacan
Community Manager

Peter Birk
Head of Business Development
+45 21262430

Christian Waarst
Business Developer
+45 52506582

Carina Beck
Financial manager
+45 20267828

Genre Karmen Raamat
Lead Venture Scout

Frederik Stoltze
Head of Marketing & IT
+45 51895354

Yohanna Gustafsson
Marketing Coordinator

Peter Marculans
Venture Partner

Sean Leavy
Digital Designer

Mads Fugl Petersen
Junior Project Manager

Christian Lund
All Star Mentor
(Co-founder of Templafy) 

Henrik Printzlau
All Star Mentor
(Co-founder of Templafy) 

Eske Gunge
All Star Mentor
(Founder of Actimo)

Jacob Knobel
All Star Mentor
(Founder of Datapult)