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With consumers calling for more sustainable and environmental friendlier products and the industry wanting to reduce operating costs, the use of industrial biotech or white biotech has become very interesting and was thought to take over fast. However, the immatureness of some technologies, relatively low fossil fuels prices, and the effectiveness of current chemical processes have shown to be high hurdles for start-ups to take in order to penetrate the market.

At Accelerace, we remove some risks by helping you focus your time and resources on critical issues and prioritizing and de-risking your project using personalized issue trees and lean/agile business models. We provide open office hours and sparing for our founders based on over 100 years of collective entrepreneurial experience and using bespoke coaching tools & techniques built by founders for founders.

What you get

Intensive business training from business developers with industry expertise

Access to NOME with world-class mentors and industry partners like Novo Nordisk Foundation

Learning labs and workshops where you will get training designed to maximize your potential

Access to know-how from our corporate partners

Investment opportunity from Accelerace or our partners

Founders Pack with resources and tools worth EUR 50,000+ from Amazon, Microsoft, Hubspot and many more

... and the chance to profit from a unique network

Our startups not only get the opportunity to shape their businesses in the accelerator, the most promising ones even have the chance to join the NOME network. Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) is a mentoring program with world-class mentors which matches Nordic projects and startups with highly skilled volunteer professionals to help them reach their goals and technology milestones.

As a part of the program, NOME also provides a unique platform for startups to participate in a boot camp in the US. There, the projects get access to FDA experts and contacts to on-site representatives. With inspiration from MIT Venture Mentoring Service, the vision of NOME is to develop and implement a best-in-class mentoring initiative that will propel the Nordic countries into one of the leading life science regions to commercialize high growth life science startups.


The right product
It has to be more than just an idea. You must have a validated plan for how you will develop your product and you have defined a strategy for how it can be commercialized. Although it is not a requirement, we prefer if you have already obtained preclinical proof of concept with your technology. Products based on a service and other types of non-product businesses are welcome, but the same principles apply.
The right team
Participating startups must have more than one full-time founder who is 100% focused on the core idea. They must be able to receive coaching and mentoring in English and stay committed to realizing their commercial goals. We are looking for visionary entrepreneurs with ambitions to change the future.

The team

Partner, Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 21262430

Peter Birk, Ph.d.

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 31450060

Arvind M. Hundal, Ph.d.

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 40280048

Jón Ingi Benediktsson

Program Manager NOME
M: +45 50260586

Valentin Lubbe

NOME Associate & Venture Scout
M: +45 5024 1363

Christine Ritter

At the Novo Nordisk Foundation, we are very pleased with the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) that Accelerace has established over the last year. Today NOME covers the entire Nordic region including life science start-ups from all Nordic countries and several high-level mentors in the network. NOME is surely on its way to become the beacon in the ecosystem that we had hoped for from the very beginning.

Thomas Alslev Christensen

Head of Operations, Novo Nordisk Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it possible to include patent fees in the application?
Yes, you can attach documents to your application. If you scroll down the application page (For startups/Apply) you will be able to attach files. All your documents and other details will be kept confidential.
What stage should the participating startups be at?
It depends a little on technology and market, but from the level of MVP, prototype or more. Our focus is market development.
What is the outline of the contents of the program?
Our program is 100% flexible, individualized and efficient and designed around the challenges that companies at your stage experience. The content is centered around learning labs, workshops, mentoring and coaching that are tailored to your needs. We're a specialized scaling platform rather than a traditional acceleration program.
Do I need to relocate my company to Denmark to participate?
No. You don't necessarily need to relocate since we can do the mentoring remotely. However, you do need to register your company in Denmark (CVR number) and have some activity here e.g. participating in camps and client or investor meetings.
Do you help with the relocation?
If you do wish to relocate to Copenhagen, we will help you with administrative tasks, logistics, discounts and help you get in touch with the right people.
I’ve already participated in other programs – why should I join yours?
Well, it's up to you - however here are the most obvious 5 reasons: 1) We focus on late stage startups that are already on the market and we help them scale. Most other programs are incubators or early stage accelerators. 2) We match you directly with our leading corporate partners that are interested in your technology and which in return will offer your know-how, insights and expertise. 3) You'll get an extra ressource on your team and not just a mentor giving you ad hoc advices.  Our business accelerators & investors spend 180 hours with your startup. Now that's really something. 4) Think of it as a shortcut to the Northern European markets. Not only is our startup tech scene vibrant and booming, but we also offer a  hotbed for clean tech, food and life science and a gateway to the Nordic countries. Denmark is home to 22% of the scaleups in the Nordics – and together the Nordic countries have almost 6 times as many scaleups as the average country in continental Europe, and 9 times more than in Southern Europe. 5) Denmark is one of the most digitalized and innovative countries in Europe. Our bustling, creative startup scene has fostered some of the world’s most successful tech companies and disruptive startups within AI, big data, block chain, healthtech and IoT.
Do you take equity?
We don’t take equity in your startup. We do however include a tag-along right, so we have a right to invest if you find a co investor (up to DKK 0,5 mio.)
How are you funded?
Our program is partly funded by the Danish Government and leading Danish and International corporates with the goal to attract startup talents and create growth.
How much time should I expect to spend on the program?
Our program is designed around challenges that companies at your stage experiences. Consider spending about 4-8 hours per week in average, plus time do business development related efforts with the corporate partners. This factor varies from company to company.


GlycoDisplay develops novel biopharmaceuticals by modifying sugars.
ISD-Immunotech is developing a first-in-class therapy to treat the most severe Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients.
STipe Therapeutics
STipe Therapeutics
STipe Therapeutics is a Biotech company focus on harnessing the immune system to battle cancer.
Isanans Pharma
Isanans Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on inflammatory eye disorders. Lead asset is a small molecule KCa3.1 channel blocker which has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory effect in vivo while not causing any adverse effects.
KiSo is a Canadian company involved in sales, marketing and exclusive representation of finished nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.
ATLANT 3D Nanosystems (ATLANT) develops the first 3D printer for micro and nanofabrication.
Avineuro discovers and develops novel small molecules for unmet medical needs in neurology and psychiatry.
Sply is a clinical trial supply company at the forefront of bringing comprehensive forecasting and simulation of drug supply to pharma and biotech.
BRIOTA Technologies
BRIOTA Technologies
BRIOTA is an early stage startup dedicated to find critical problems with chronic disease diagnosis & management and develop a complete solution using tools like IoT, ML & AI.

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