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Working with us is almost like running a startup. You won’t find corporate intrigue, venture capital drama or global consultant frameworks here. Instead, you’ll find a team of bold, brave and passionate ex-founders, tech junkies and business developers that are dedicated to building great things together applying agile methods. We are not all into our sneakers, however, we appreciate informality combined with a high degree of professionalism and curiosity. Like any other startup, we like to experiment while trying to crack the code on what makes a successful startup.  If you do the same, you’ll most likely feel at home here.

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Job openings

Two Business Accelerators to take world class biotech and medtech startups to the next level

Want to be a part of growing the best startup companies from Scandinavia within the field of digital health, medtech, biotech and life sciences? Do you have experience within one or more of these technologies and know the innovation landscape in Northern Europe? If so, you could be one of our two new colleagues to join our international team in life sciences and healthcare tech.

Accelerace is Europe’s leading accelerator and fosters some of the most promising and innovative startups to help them grow and scale their businesses. In addition, we do active investments in startups with a current portfolio of more than 70 companies.

Working with us
Dealflow, quality business advice and stakeholder partnerships are key to continued success in Accelerace. As “business accelerator” it is your responsibility to find and engage the best projects and startup companies together with the team, and provide them with highly professional advice to solve their key challenges and make them reach the next level of development.

We will expand our team with two new employees who should largely match the following profiles.

Senior medtech builder:
You have senior level experience from working at least 10 years in the digital health and/or medtech industry and you know the entire value chain in the medtech/digital health branch from experience. Preferably you have very strong skills within one or more of the following areas:

  • Clinical network and knowledge in clinical development/testing and regulatory
  • Business development and/or sales & marketing positions within healthcare
  • Insight into procurement and decision processes in hospitals and healthcare systems, nationally and internationally
  • Innovation in larger medtech corporations
  • Strong knowledge and insight into larger markets for digital health and medical technologies, for example Germany, UK, France or the US.

Young and motivated entrepreneurial talent:
You have a scientific education topped with business training or vice versa and have practical experience from your first employments in the life science or healthcare tech industry. In addition, you have skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Practical business development experience within life sciences or healthcare technology
  • Engagement in the startup scene and strong connections in innovation organisations
  • Experience with – and connections within the industrial biotech area
  • Knowledge within entrepreneurship theory and practice
  • A strong ability to convey knowledge through training and teaching
  • For both positions, we are looking for people with a passion for entrepreneurship, a big drive, self-motivation and above all a desire to make a positive difference.

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Accelerace is one of the world’s Top 10 seed accelerators. Accelerace employs close to 40 people in total and works with startups in most fields of technology. Accelerace has invested more than 350M DKK in promising startups and we currently partner with a number of large corporates including the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Arla, COOP, Bang & Olufsen and many others.

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