Are you bold, brave and best in class?

Working with us is almost like running a startup. Here you won’t find corporate intrigue, venture capital drama or global consultant frameworks. Instead you’ll find a team of bold, brave and passionate ex-founders, tech-junkies and business developers that are dedicated to build great things together applying agile methods. We’re not all into our sneakers, however we appreciate informality combined with a high degree of professionalism and curiosity. Like any other startup we like to experiment while trying to crack the code on what makes a succesful startup.  If you do the same, you’ll most likely feel at home here.

Check out if we have a job that makes you tick or let us know how you can contribute to our team on info@accelerace.dk.

Job openings

Internship: Venture Scouts to Europe’s leading accelerator

Want to help Arla, Foss, Maersk and our other corporates partners to spot the startups that might transform their business?

We’re searching for 5 full time Venture Scout Interns to be part of an intensive and fun learning experience that will for sure give you the insights, tips and tricks to get your own startup off the ground or just provide you will valuable knowledge about the global startup environment.

You probably like analyzing and screening markets in order to provide data to make evidence based decisions and you’re good at communicating and engaging ventures.

In short: You’re a cool combination of a recruiter/search specialist knowing how to spot, attract and motivate the right ventures through targeted marketing and communication and an analyst with a structured mind when it comes to approaching new markets.

On a general level, we are searching for people who are passionate about startups, motivated to learn new things by working hard, and not afraid to fill in the gaps in our small team.

Our venture Scout team will:

  • Analyze new markets, identify market-leaders, competitors and opinion leaders in the field of either foodtech, cleantech, life science, biotech or welfaretech.
  • Search and engage with the best startups through competitions, accelerator programs, databases etc.
  • Search and engage VC’s from specific geographic locations to form partnerships and access their deal-flow
  • Support our outreach/recruitment-process in general on Social Media and other channels

This is an unpaid 2-3 months internship starting from September 4th, but we offer:

  • Engaging with the world’s top startups within foodtech, cleantech, biotech, life science or welfaretech
  • Engaging with the world’s leading investors and VC’s
  • Experience on how an accelerator work (or to be more specific: Europe’s no. 1 accelerator)
  • Knowledge about how to evaluate startups and how to spot the promising ones from the wanna-bees.
  • Free lunch, coffee and a cool office space with 120 other startups
  • The most committed and knowledgeable colleagues when it comes to entrepreneurship, since most of us are serial entrepreneurs ourselves.

If this sounds exciting to you, please write me at nac@accelerace.dk attaching your CV and a few words on why you want to join us!

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