Corporate Matchmaking

We help you navigate the corporate jungle!

Startups pride themselves on speed, innovation and risk-taking, but often have difficulty scaling. Without consumers to test ideas, products, and solutions, startups risk building the wrong product.
A fast track into experienced pools of executives who know the space, provide valuable feedback, and have user groups ready to trial products and services is a huge benefit.
Our corporate-startup matchmaking program will help you navigate the corporate jungle to make sure you get the best from both worlds.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

No open applications at this point.


The right product
It has to be more than just an idea. Think of it as a qualified pitch presentation to get investors interested in your startup. You must have a proof-of-concept or a MVP (minimum viable product), but we strongly prefer if you already have a product on the market.
The right team
Participating startups must have minimum of one full-time founders that are 100% focused on the core idea. They must be able to receive coaching and mentoring in English and stay committed to realizing their business goals. We are looking for visionary entrepreneurs with ambitions to change the future.