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Your chance to work with Denmark’s leading provider of internet, TV and telephone via the fiber network.

Waoo’s slogan is “Internet as it should be” because the internet is great and has a myriad of options that they want to help their customers take full advantage of. Waoo is focused on delivering the best possible digital experiences and the ultimate and innovative digital solutions at competitive prices.

To ensure the best digital experiences and innovative solutions, Waoo is now seeking candidates to provide new services to their customers, beyond internet and broadband. Does this sound like your company?

€ million sales in 2018
years awarded as the best internet in Denmark

Ready to innovate with Waoo?

Does your company have an innovative product that Waoo can provide to their customers?

What you get

Access to market

Work with Denmark’s leading provider of internet, TV and telephone via the fiber network.

Mentoring and training

We prepare and help you from your application to the rollout of your solution

Traction that matters

Boost your traction, sales and brand awareness through the collaboration

Growing up - fast!

Avoid chasing money in lengthy investor pitch sessions

The application process

  • We are open for applications now. Click the link to submit your application! Please reach out if you have any questions.

  • We’ll go through your application and get back to you. If it's a potential match we will invite you to a short call.

  • We will present Waoo with the most relevant startups and decide on the participants for the selection day.

  • We will prepare you for the selection day and offer you free pitch training and mentoring sessions.

  • We will invite you to a pitch at the selection day. A jury consisting of Waoo and Accelerace will choose the most promising startups.

  • After the event we will meet to explore and kick off potential pilot projects.

Corporate-Startup Matchmaking Waoo

Waoo is Denmark’s leading supplier of entertainment and communication over fiber. Their products are supplied by local fiber companies. The goal is to spread the fiber connection of the future to Danish consumers.

Accelerace is one of the leading accelerators in Europe and has accelerated +650 start-ups over the past 10 years. Also, they have invested in +70 start-ups and have helped leading international corporates in innovating with start-ups.

"I found the Accelerace program is unique in that it actually gives you a real chance of securing a pilot with a big company. Our biggest milestone more recently is, that Arla has decided to do a pilot with us. Obviously enabled by the Accelerace program, which is wonderful."

Solveiga Pakštaitė

Founder of Mimicalab

“Driven by the growth of renewable energy sources and the rise of digital technologies, the energy landscape is in transformation. Tomorrow, the consumer will have an ever more active role to play as a ‘prosumer’. This will offer opportunities to existing but also new actors.   By joining forces, Elia and Accelerace aim to provide the necessary support and technical expertise to nurture innovations and help start-ups grow in the electricity sector.”

Manoël Rekinger

Strategic Partnership Manager Elia

At the Novo Nordisk Foundation, we are very pleased with the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) that Accelerace has established over the last year. Today NOME covers the entire Nordic region including life science start-ups from all Nordic countries and several high-level mentors in the network. NOME is surely on its way to become the beacon in the ecosystem that we had hoped for from the very beginning.

Thomas Alslev Christensen

Head of Operations, Novo Nordisk Foundation

"Enel and Accelerace had the opportunity to collaborate in the implementation of the INCENSe program, a European accelerator funded by the European Commission. The collaboration was great, as the startups selected received a really valuable support and were well prepared to get in touch with Enel’s business lines to implement their solutions."

Luca Seletto

Head of Startup Initiatives Enel