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What we offer

Collaborations between corporates and startups are becoming increasingly popular, but many corporates are still unwilling to take the leap and get started. At Accelerace, we know the value of such collaboration as well as what opportunities and advantages it brings, but like everything else in life, working with startups is not without risks and challenges. That is why it is crucial to understand and assess them reasonably, which is something we will help you with.

We have already helped several big corporations like Arla, Nordea, and Enel partner up with top startups, and thereby exploring new business opportunities. We call the process Corporate Startup Matchmaking, and if you let us, we can find your match.

We are the Nordic’s leading startup accelerator and globally acknowledged as part of the top 10 seed accelerators. We leverage our knowledge from scouting thousands of startups and accelerating more than 700 startups over the last 10 years.

What's in it for you?

Get the innovative power of startup engagement. Without the high costs.

New Business Opportunities

Early insight and access to new technologies, ideas and know-how.

Change in mindset

Learn from startups’ fast-paced and exponential growth mindsets.

Strategic Brand Positioning

Strengthen your position as an innovative organization within the startup ecosystem.

How do we work?

Our Corporate-Startup Matchmaking program provides an end-to-end solution from ideation to successful start-up partnerships and the process will be specifically tailored to your corporation and industry. Learn more about the process by clicking the boxes below.

  • Scope

    Decide on the focus area

    Facilitated workshop
  • Scout

    Scouting startups within the focus area

    Global scouting and long list
  • Select

    Selection of Most Promising Startups

    Startup Selection Day
  • Pilot

    Test with customers

    Meetings and product adaptation
  • Roll Out

    Agree on deal or no deal

    Offer and negotiate contract

Some of our Corporate Startup Matchmaking Partners

The program launched together with Denmark's leading consumer good retailer COOP scouts and accelerates scalable startups for the retail industry. COOP Denmark is working dedicatedly on digital innovations within retail and wants to collaborate with startups which will be scaled by using skilled business advisors and the unique COOP infrastructure.  

Arla Foods has a vision of creating foods of the future. Accelerace has helped Arla to scout, attract and select foodtech startups from all over the world. One of them is Mimica

Enel and Accelerace collaborate to accelerate European smart energy startups through the INCENSE program. We selected and worked with 42 startups and more than 13 startups have initiated collaborations with Enel.

  Accelerace delivers venture scouting services to NRGi finding technology-driven startups that will apply new technology focus to the NRGi company portfolio. Our innovation service also includes impact analyses of the specific technologies and, ultimately, the facilitation between the startups and NRGi.

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