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Sphereo Sound
Sphereo sound provides an automatic, easily integrated software converting existing sound to one that sounds 3D and realistic. The solution can be embedded in streaming services, mobile devices, hearing aids, apps, etc.
Aarhus Soundsystem
Aarhus Soundsystem is developing high-quality and sustainable loudspeakers by breaking down all parts of the loudspeaker production and replacing as many materials as possible with sustainable and recyclable alternatives.
SOWA Sound
SOWA Sound has created cable-free speaker systems that reduce the setup and preparation time by 90%. The SOWA Wireless Technology transmits high fidelity audio from any sound source to an unlimited number of speakers - real-time and in perfect sync.
Queue has developed a live collaborative playlist in the form of an app that is optimized for multi-person use instead of singular use like the current music applications on the market.
Audientes has developed a self-fitting binaural hearing aid with neckband-style ergonomically designed earphones and a large rechargeable battery at an affordable price. It features a smartphone app plus call handling and audio streaming.
Instruments of Things
Instruments of Things develops hardware interfaces to enrich traditional and recent electronic music instruments with new interaction possibilities to provide artists with the tool for a new dimension of expression.
Noatronic is a guitar accessories company that has created the award-winning Noatronic Onboard Expression, which lets you control your gear directly from your guitar's tone knob.
Gerrard Street
Gerrard Street offers subscription-based fully modular headphones with premium sound. The subscription covers all damages and includes product upgrades.
Nautix is digitizing the shipping industry to bring more safety to humans and efficiency to businesses. To do so, Nautix provides a task management SaaS-application standardizing operations for ships, thus transforming risky chaos into structured safety.