Meet our family of 600+ startups

Addicted To Music
Addicted to Music is behind Bettermaker - a series of high-end audio analogue equalizers and signal processors with digital recall and plugin support.
Custom Art
Custom Art has developed FIBAE™, which stands for Flat Impedance Balanced Armature Earphone. FIBAE™delivers flat impedance and phase via a series of specially designed balanced armatures to negate the problem of output impedance dependency. Each earpiece (left or right) can be customized in terms of shell, nozzle, and faceplate. You can also put your own artwork and text onto your creation.
TYXIT has developed a portable all-in-one personal mixer, wireless transceiver, recorder and effects processor perfect for musicians looking for affordable, easy-to-use, wireless equipment.
Big Special Pty
Big Special Pty has created an action-based audio app called Audioplay. Audioplay is an entirely new entertainment platform that offers an engaging screen-free alternative to kids' play. Kids put on headphones, step into the story and become the characters, physically playing out the action.
IDORU offers a simple and compact multi-channel audio and midi backing track player that removes the need for live musicians to use a laptop.
KubeSound is behind KUBE - a portable, wireless and high-quality speaker that delivers 360 degrees of incredible sound, even in large spaces.
Vigo Technologies
Vigo Technologies has developed Vue - the world's first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use. Vue has features like making calls, listening to audio, activity tracking, voice assistants, etc.
Loop offers high fidelity earplugs designed to reduce volume without sacrificing sound clarity. Loop earplugs protect your ears while letting you experience great sound and looking awesome.
Hearable Labs
Hearable Labs are making the building blocks for hearable devices. This allows headphone, hearable and VR/AR companies to easily integrate hearable functionality into their devices.