What we believe

If traditional banks are dinosaurs, FinTech companies are asteroids. By proactively responding to the outdated nature of financial services and leveraging on technologies such as blockchain, mobile devices and cryptocurrencies, FinTech has become a disruptive force in the financial world. Add insurance, security and investment into the equation, and it becomes clear; even if dinosaurs run for their lives, asteroids still travel at an average speed of 25km/second.

At Accelerace, we assist the next generation of FinTech companies to overcome challenges and obstacles that interfere with traveling at full speed.

No open applications at this point.

Our portfolio of fintech startups

Plata offers a financial matchmaking platform where private people can fund each other to convert expensive loans to more cheap and flexible solutions.
Orangebooks is the new generation accounting system. Using PSD2 APIs they automated bookkeeping. Orangebooks switch focus from repetitive tasks to cash flow overview.
Clockwork Trading
Clockwork Trading has developed the ESMA-regulated Clockwork Trading platform where you can trade and invest into equities, cryptocurrencies, and forex.
Thrift Digital
Thrift Digital helps consumers gain valuable insight into their finances, which gives them the knowledge and power to make wise decisions.
BizBot helps entrepreneurs and investors get an overview of shares and convertible notes, enabling effective management on an easy to use and connected platform.
Authenteq is an automated identity verification and privacy platform which enables users to verify their identity and create their own sovereign digital IDs which are stored encrypted in a blockchain.
Manigo is a single platform that connects you to your everything money.
Our alpha partners send us trading signals via API and get rewarded when their strategies produce positive returns. Our role is to build the technology that sources, tests and allocates capital to these strategies.
Focused on facilitating an accessible, streamlined real estate market, while delivering value to their users one step at a time.

What you get

Extensive one-on-one training

Business training from experienced serial entrepreneurs

Access to Market

We help you get market access through our network of leading corporates and Corporate Matchmaking programs

Exclusive Mentor Model

Mentoring from the Danish business community and international experts

Tailormade labs & training

Learning labs and workshops where you receive intensive training designed to maximize your business potential

Exclusive Founders Pack

Founders Pack with resources and tools worth EUR 50,000+ from Amazon, Microsoft, Hubspot and many more.

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Unique access to funding

Helping you get access to money through our network of leading investors, investor programs or our own fund

“Accelerace made a huge difference to Trustpilot because they introduced me to people who had the exact experience we needed. Especially in the devising of our business model and the execution of it, it made a crucial difference to us. I’m not sure we would have existed today if it wasn’t for that introduction."

Peter Mühlmann

Founder and CEO of Trustpilot

"When I realized that Accelerace and Copenhagen Fintech were going to help us set up the Proof of Concept or an MVP for a collaboration with one of the partner banks, it was a no brainer for us. We were already working on it in Norway and struggling, so we need that specialized help going forward"

Didrik Martens

CEO and Founder Bizbot

"We chose this accelerator because Copenhagen and Denmark is the bridge into the Nordic markets. The program will both be a help for our regular business but also for developing a proof of concept with the support of Accelerace and the banks. The Nordic markets are very different from Southern Europe and it is a rich market for the real estate sector, which we serve with our solution"

Edoardo Ribichesu


“This is not a generic program to make a company better as there is a very concrete output. Secondly, we have the international aspect with other startups are from different countries providing us with international inspiration. Thirdly, we have the opportunity of collaborating with some big financial institutions that can broaden our network"

Maximilian Frimmer

CEO & Co-Founder

Meet some of our sector specific business accelerators

M: +45 25458430

Claus Kristensen

And some of our amazing mentors

Former Techstars Program Manager

Peter Marculans

Investor, Boardmember & Mentor

Peder Nedergaard

Former VP, Nilfisk & McKinsey Consultant

Michael Mortensen

Regional Director, Citrix

Mads Skalbo