What we believe

We believe that technology from uncovering potential agricultural solutions with an eye on sustainability and food security – to the technology disrupting the ways we eat and drink, can be a true game-changer.

We also strongly believe that consumer trends towards health awareness, convenience and quality products combined with the growing influence of technology will pave the way for a new personalized nutrition revolution and startups innovating in this space. Wearable technology to provide insights into healthy living and personalized nutrition based on genetic testing will as a result be on our radar. Likewise, we’re interested in the emergence of functional food with the goal of providing natural, sustainable and scientifically proven health solutions based on bioinformatics.

What you get

Free 6-8 months of intensive one-on-one business training from experienced consultants with industry expertise. We take no equity.

Unique access to corporate partners such as Arla, FOSS and Business Lolland-Falster

Tailored learning labs and workshops where you will get intensive training designed to maximize your business potential

Mentoring from experts in Danish food ecosystem (i.e. Agro Business Park)

Potential follow-up investment from Accelerace Invest or our partners

A Founders pack with resources and tools worth EUR 50,000+ from Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace and many more

Access to leading corporates

Accelerace and Maersk have joined forces to deliver a world class international accelerator for startups within the field of global trade, shipping and energy. The program is a part of the overall Maersk innovation strategy and leverages the vast internal resources, network, expertise and know-how.---Maersk needs new solutions to improve our existing business challenges. At the same time, we need to grow. We are kicking off pilot programs and experiments to learn how we achieve this through connecting with startup companies. This accelerator is an important part of that, where we hope to scout interesting companies that can solve our challenges and test our thinking, and use the time while they’re in the accelerator to get a better picture of what the business opportunity should be.By working with Accelerace, we will learn how accelerators can benefit our business interests, while allowing us to support the growth and maturity of promising new companies. We see this as a mutually beneficial relationship for Accelerace, the startups, and ourselves.” The accelerator is being kicked off as part of Maersk’s Startups Collaboration Project.Anneli Bartholdy, Digital Innovation Lead, Maersk Transport & Logistics
Novo Nordisk Foundation
Novo Nordisk Foundation
Building an international mentor network to support Danish medtech startups in successful internationalization. The network counts leading universities like The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of North Carolina (UNC) that are acknowledged for their medtech expertise.--- At the Novo Nordisk Foundation, we are very pleased with the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) that Accelerace has established over the last year. Today NOME covers the entire Nordic region including life science start-ups from all Nordic countries and several high-level mentors in the network. NOME is surely on its way to become the beacon in the ecosystem that we had hoped for from the very beginning.Thomas Alslev Christensen, Head of Operations, Novo Nordisk Foundation
Novo Nordisk Foundation
Arla has a vision of creating foods of the future and is already working with innovation on several levels. However discovering new relevant and potentially disruptive food technologies can be a difficult task when you don't have an overview or access to the ecosystem. Accelerace has therefore helped Arla scout, attract and select high-potential food tech startups from all over the world and identify trends that are driving innovation within the food space.
Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen
Accelerace has scouted global startups in the field of Sound and Home Integration as a part of the largest European startup competition (Next Step Challenge) with more than 900 applicants and 27 participating startups.
Bang & Olufsen
Enel and Accelerace were collaborating to accelerate European smart energy startups through the INCENSE program. We  selected and worked with 42 startups and more than 13 startups have initiated collaborations with Enel."Enel and Accelerace had the opportunity to collaborate in the implementation of the INCENSE program - a European accelerator funded by the European Commission. The collaboration was great, as the startups selected received a really valuable support and were well prepared to get in touch with Enel’s business lines to implement their solutions"Luca Seletto, Head of startup Initiatives, Enel
FOSS is working every day to increase the global food safety, but would like to increase their innovation speed and scope even more. They have decided to reach out to the startup community in the hope that together with innovative new startups they can improve the food safety situation globally.
Business Lolland-Falster
Business Lolland-Falster
Business Lolland-Falster is the business promotion agency of the southern part of Greater Copenhagen, Lolland-Falster. We provide a swift, professional and straightforward service in order to create the best possible operating conditions for startups and companies doing business and companies seeking to do business on Lolland-Falster. It is our goal for 2020 to make Lolland-Falster the best place to do business within Greater Copenhagen.
Business Lolland-Falster
NRGI is a forward thinking conglomerate with a broad interest in renewable energy, sustainable solutions and smart city technologies.
Accelerace supported Nokia employee innovation by spinning out ideas and projects into sustainable new companies as well as helping these with strategy development, operational execution, team formation and funding.

...and amazing mentors!


The right product
It has to be more than just an idea. Think of it as a qualified pitch presentation to get investors interested in your startup. You must have a proof-of-concept or a MVP (minimum viable product), but we strongly prefer if you already have a product on the market.
The right team
Participating startups must have min. two full-time founders that are 100% focused on the core idea. They must be able to receive coaching and mentoring in English and stay committed to realizing their business goals. We are looking for visionary entrepreneurs with ambitions to change the future.

The team

Partner & Investment Manager
M: +45 25458430

Claus Kristensen

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 30897869

Jes Nordentoft

Business Accelerace & Investment Manager
M: +45 21592535

Oliver Repenning

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 22114859

Anders Handlos Grauslund


We are reaching out to the startup community in the hope that FOSS together with innovative new startups can improve the food safety situation globally.

Filip Poulsen, Business Development Manager, FOSS

Ted Zoller

Accelerace is one of the most significant and influential accelerator-programmes in Europe. It is without a doubt a game changer in the Danish entrepreneurial eco-system.”

Ted Zoller, Vice President for Entrepreneurship, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation & Professor, Kenan-Flagler Business School


"We have gained valuable experience by working with our own company during the 8 camps in the program. Working on your own company with lectures and mentoring from some of the best is a unique opportunity."

Casper Harlev, CEO hos Sensohive

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve already participated in other programs – why should I join yours?
Well, it's up to you - however here are the most obvious 5 reasons:1) We focus on late stage startups that are already on the market and we help them scale. Most other programs are incubators or early stage accelerators. 2) We match you directly with our leading corporate partners that are interested in your technology and which in return will offer your know-how, insights and expertise. 3) You'll get an extra ressource on your team and not just a mentor giving you ad hoc advices.  Our business accelerators & investors spend 180 hours with your startup. Now that's really something. 4) Think of it as a shortcut to the Northern European markets. Not only is our startup tech scene vibrant and booming, but we also offer a  hotbed for clean tech, food and life science and a gateway to the Nordic countries. Denmark is home to 22% of the scaleups in the Nordics – and together the Nordic countries have almost 6 times as many scaleups as the average country in continental Europe, and 9 times more than in Southern Europe. 5) Denmark is one of the most digitalized and innovative countries in Europe. Our bustling, creative startup scene has fostered some of the world’s most successful tech companies and disruptive startups within AI, big data, block chain, healthtech and IoT.
Do you take equity?
We don't take equity in your startup. What we ask for however, is your full commitment to the program through out the 6-8 months period. Easy peasy.
How are you funded?
Our program is partly funded by the Danish Government and leading Danish and International corporates with the goal to attract startup talents and create growth.
Do I need to move to Denmark to participate?
It's possible to take sprint 1 (the first 2 months of the program) remotely. After 2 months time we will assess your case individually and decide whether or not it makes sense for both parties that you relocate to Denmark.
How much time should I expect to spend on the program?
Our program is designed around challenges that companies at your stage experiences. Consider spending about 4-8 hours per week in average, plus time do business development related efforts with the corporate partners. This factor varies from company to company.


TruuGum is an innovative chewing gum is 100% sugar-free and based on natural and sustainable ingredients.
RATION is a completely natural, simple and nutrituous food bar.
Enorm believes that insects are the sustainable protein source of the future and sells insect snacks produced in Denmark.
FaunaPhotonics monitor insects to ensure sustainable crop utilization and to improve tools for disease control and biodiversity for the benefit of mankind.
Discover surprising food pairings to jazz up your cooking.
Retap is a specially designed bottle for drinking tap water.
Nohrlund offers a wide range of highly praised ecological bottled cocktails.
TellSpec is a data company that offers real time, affordable, reliable, nondestructive, handheld food analysis.
Denmark's largest webshop that aims to connect the local farms with urban consumers.