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What we believe

We believe that technology has a potential of uncovering agricultural solutions with an eye on sustainability and food security and that technology disrupting the ways we eat and drink can be true game-changers.

We’re also profoundly convinced that consumer trends towards health awareness, convenience and quality products combined with the growing influence of technology will pave the way for a new personalized nutrition revolution. Wearable technology which provides insights into healthy living and personalized nutrition based on genetic testing will also be on our radar. Likewise, we’re interested in the emergence of functional food with the goal of providing natural, sustainable and scientifically proven health solutions based on bioinformatics.

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Accelerace Acceleration Program

Apply now for the most tailored equity-free accelerator in Europe.

Application Deadline: 02/12/2019

Our portfolio of foodtech startups

Blue Lobster
Blue Lobster connects fishermen and fishmongers with local fish consumers, by allowing fish consumers to see where and what fresh fish is available.
Dreamy Food
Dreamy Foods is a research and development organization within the food industry specialized in plant-based fermentation.
Ish Spirits
Ish Spirits have created award-winning alcohol-free spirits with the familiar flavor & perfect punch.
Eat Grim
Denmark's first fruit and veg box delivery service that exclusively ships imperfect-looking and surplus produce.
tracezilla is an ERP system that integrates key functions in your food company.
Founded in 2018, Cellugy is on its journey to provide revolutionized material to replace plastic.
Fine Nordic
Fine Nordic delivers the exquisite and fine water from springs in the North. Whether it is in distant and remote areas, they force wind, weather, and change of seasons and impassable terrain in the quest to deliver unique drinking experiences.
Deligate help grocery stores reduce their food waste and save working hours by an easy managed application that keeps track of expiry dates with up to 30% reduced food waste.
IMPACT ROASTERS provides gourmet coffee, imported directly with no middlemen from southern Ethiopia supporting educational and job-creating projects.

What you get

Extensive one-on-one training

Business training from experienced serial entrepreneurs

Access to Market

Unique access to corporate partners such as Arla Foods and Coop.

Exclusive Mentor Model

Mentoring from the Danish business community and international experts

Tailormade labs & training

Learning labs and workshops where you receive intensive training designed to maximize your business potential

Food Specific Experts

Mentoring from experts in the Danish food ecosystem such as Henrik Overgaard or Mikkel Grene.

Learn more about our accelerator

Unique access to funding

Helping you get access to money through our network of leading investors, investor programs or our own fund


The program launched together with Denmark's leading consumer good retailer COOP scouts and accelerates scalable startups for the retail industry. COOP Denmark is working dedicatedly on digital innovations within retail and wants to collaborate with startups which will be scaled by using skilled business advisors and the unique COOP infrastructure.  
Arla Foods has a vision of creating foods of the future. Accelerace has helped Arla to scout, attract and select foodtech startups from all over the world. One of them is Mimica

"Accelerace was really helpful at narrowing down on what's most important, and not doing too many things at the same time."

Michael Haase

CEO and founder of Plant Jammer

“Accelerace validates your ideas and everything you’ve been working on. I mean, they have been looking on so many companies for so long, they have been entrepreneurs themselves. They know the game.”

Frederick-Sebastian Krause

Founder of VI.ER AKVAVIT

"I found the Accelerace program is unique in that it actually gives you a real chance of securing a pilot with a big company. Our biggest milestone more recently is, that Arla has decided to do a pilot with us. Obviously enabled by the Accelerace program, which is wonderful."

Solveiga Pakštaitė

Founder of Mimicalab

"The Accelerace team has in the one month already proven to be a massive source of support, belief and education. It has increased our knowledge and keeps sharpening our focus while opening up doors to new corporate partners. We already have heavyweight director’s joining as mentors providing invaluable insight how to grow our business further.”

Sofie Annikki Dralle

CEO StopMyCraving

Meet some of our sector specific business accelerators

Venture Scout

Jack Peters

Partner & Investment Manager
M: +45 25458430

Claus Kristensen

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 21592535

Oliver Repenning

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 2210 97 84

Martin Holmboe

And some of our amazing mentors

Chairman of the Board, Co-founder, Aarstiderne A/S

Thomas Harttung

Co-founder, Greenilicious & Cook book author

Sif Orellana

CEO & Co-owner, Søstrene Grenes Import A/S

Mikkel Grene


Henrik Overgaard

Founder, Zest

Didier Laurent