Future of Work Accelerator

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What we believe

Symbion, the largest co-working operator in Denmark, and Accelerace have joined forces to establish a dedicated Future of Work accelerator. The accelerator will strengthen the positive development and help to innovate and develop new sustainable and strong commercial Future of Work companies.

We combine knowledge, resources, mentoring, and business acceleration capabilities with venture capital, corporate partners, open co-working infrastructure and facilities to establish a foundation for developing successful Future of Work companies – as well as attracting international startups to the Nordic ecosystem.

No open applications at this point.

What you get

Pre-seed funding

Startups accepted into the program can be offered up to € 60.000 in Pre-seed funding from Accelerace and our syndication partners (conditions apply).

Extensive one-on-one training

Startups get intensive one-on-one business training from experienced serial entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Mentor Model

Mentoring from leading experts in the Nordic ecosystem.

Relocation assistance and free office space

As part of the program, you will be offered free office space at Symbion co-working, as well as assistance in regard to relocation and accommodation in Copenhagen.

Exclusive Founders Pack

Free resources and tools worth € 50.000 from Amazon, Microsoft, HubSpot, Rackspace, Horten, PA Consulting and many more.

Corporate Partnerships

Direct access to Proof of Concepts with relevant corporate partners including multiple Symbion co-working spaces.

What are we looking for?

How we work is changing dramatically these days and we are only seeing the beginning of the revolution! We – both as individuals and as businesses – require freedom and flexibility. We need to be able to work anywhere and anytime as the World becomes increasingly global. These trends have given rise to the concept of co-working, where individuals, startups, SMBs, and even corporates embrace a new, flexible and social way of working together.

All startups within the space of Future of Work can apply. In this program, we are especially looking for startups working with Big Data, IoT, ML/AI, and similar technologies to help co-working and real estate operators to:


Design co-working spaces to maximize both productivity and utilization.


Operate co-working spaces in the most efficient and profitable manner.


Deliver value-adding services to members of the co-working community.


Create strong communities and ecosystems for startups, entrepreneurs and SMBs.


Determine optimal locations for new co-working spaces.

“Accelerace made a huge difference to Trustpilot because they introduced me to people who had the exact experience we needed. Especially in the devising of our business model and the execution of it, it made a crucial difference to us. I’m not sure we would have existed today if it wasn’t for that introduction."

Peter Mühlmann

Founder and CEO of Trustpilot

"Being part of the Accelerace program has helped us doubling down on what is important for us at our current stage of growth. They have also opened their broad network of expertise and knowledge to us which we're extremely grateful for. We're proud to be Accelerace alumni and are looking forward to continuing our partnership in the coming years."

Emil Ottar Riise

Founder and CEO of Golisto

"Diplomasafe’s co-founding team was part of the Accelerace program in 2019 and we got some valuable feedback on every part of our business that we have put straight into practice. We also got feedback and help with fundraising that worked out perfect.   We received mentoring of high-class during the program both from Accelerace mentors and alumni that gave super feedback but also after the program ended, and I’m sure we will keep the contact in the future. Another great thing about Accelerace is that they don’t ask for equity and still work hard to prove its value.   We have been extremely happy working with Accelerace. Their numbers speak for themselves, and we will do ours to make the numbers even better."

Mikkel Egehave

Co-founder and CEO of Diplomasafe

"Months after graduating the Accelerace programme, we experienced strong growth, got a seed investment, grew our team and certainly expanded the number of bikes in the streets counting 2000 now in 40+ locations. The key learning from the Accelerace program was the how to focus on your beachhead and kill your darlings that are outside the focus."  

Erdem Ovacik

CEO, DonkeyRepublic

"The program was an effective accelerator and a good introduction to relevant business partners and approaches. In particular, the dedicated mentor and the structured approach to testing commercial hypothesis during the program were key for the breakthrough of Transporteca."

Morten Lærkholm, CEO Transporteca

"Accelerace helped us optimize our business model and scale our sales process. We grew from 10 to 25 employees, and we have tripled our revenues. We could never have done this without the help from Accelerace!”

Jens Reimer

Co-founder of Graduateland

“We have been really pleased with our participation in Accelerace and the strategic counseling which have proven to be crucial in raising capital to make our visions come true and to meet the expectations of our owners.”

Thomas Permin Berger CEO of Sproom

“Above all, being part of the Accelerace program helped us understand how investors think. That’s basically why we were able to refine our business model, nail our pitch and eventually secure substantial venture funding to develop and grow our business."

Christian Lund

CEO at Templafy

"The Accelerace program has helped us with our strategic priorities in reaching product-market-fit. We have saved time and boosted our progress as a direct result of the advice we received from our Accelerace mentors and at their workshops. We are deeply grateful for the personal and professional way that the program has been executed and we do not hesitate to recommend Accelerace to other SaaS startups."

Andreas D. Christiansen, CEO & Co-founder at Praice

Meet some of our sector specific business accelerators

Managing Partner & CEO
M: +45 39179993

Peter Torstensen

Partners and sponsors

The Future of Work accelerator is backed by dedicated partners to establish an accelerator that can strengthen the positive development and help to innovate new sustainable strong commercial Future of Work companies.

Has accelerated +500 startups over the last 9 years and is one of the leading accelerators in Europe. Also, they have invested in +70 startups and have helped leading international corporates in open innovation and startup engagement.


The largest and most experienced co-working operator in Denmark. Symbion operates multiple spaces in the Copenhagen areas and strives to become the most modern and innovative co-working operator in the World by engaging with leading corporate partners and startups.