Accelerace Innovation Academy

Maintaining the core business as usual, is not enough anymore.

Companies face a tremendous challenge today more than ever to keep up competing on innovation. Increasing complexity, ambiguity, and volatility in the market are perceived as obstacles for growth, while fast moving start-ups appear like mushrooms, seizing undiscovered opportunities and disrupting whole industries.

What we offer you

We equip and enable your people with the right capabilities and mindset to become internal innovators. Our Innovation Academy runs programmes that provide you with tools, methods and the needed structure to embed new ways of working and move like a start-up.

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Benefits from working with our programmes

Take your good ideas and projects from your drawer, which you never had the time nor the resources for, and learn how to work like a start-up. We provide you with tools, methods and the needed structure to embed new ways of working.

We help you understand and practice the entrepreneurial mindset and start-up methodology in your innovation and growth strategy – across functions, to create a truly entrepreneurial organization.


Accelerate innovation, test, learn, build and validate


Foster synergies and collaboration across departments


Corporate Entrepreneurship is correlated to high results


Learn to work with agility, experimentation and impact


Inspire, equip and retain your best talent


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