Pre-seed Investment

We create and invest
in startup winners

We invest earlier and faster in pre-seed startups
than any other venture fund in Denmark. 

pre-seed investment

We're the only
Danish dedicated

Let’s be honest: there are many VCs in Denmark. But Accelerace Invest II is the only fund that invests solely in pre-seed stage startups. That means that we invest before you have customers, revenue, or traction.

In August 2020, we launched our brand-new pre-seed fund Accelerace Invest II. Our fund is the biggest and most aggressive pre-seed fund in Denmark, making up to 30 new investments per year. To put it into perspective: that’s about 5 times as many as most other investors.

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Investment thesis

We provide 500.000 DKK in convertible loans

As the most aggressive investor in Denmark, we don’t have the bandwidth for individual negotiations. Consequently, we provide standardized convertible loans using a standard document. That saves everyone a lot of precious time in negotiation and legal fees, which can be put to better use.

The terms are market conforming, meaning they are somewhat similar to offerings by other pre-seed stage investors. What really makes us different is that our acceleration program is 100% free and the entire investment is provided to you in real money.


More than just an investment

Equity-free services

Unlike many accelerators, Accelerace doesn't require equity for services. If we invest, we provide you with real money. And only the money will convert to equity.

Key to success

We have seen 800+ startups play out. By having us as an investor, you can always access this unparalleled pool of experience and network.

Gets you further, faster

Accelerace makes quick decisions. We don't need lengthy due diligence processes or lots of meetings.

Remain in the driver's seat

We don't want to control your company. We don't take board seats, a large shareholding, nor require special rights of control.

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If you take the quick test, you will have answered most of the questions we would ask you during a meeting with one of our investment managers.

How to get investment

Learn how investors think

Few startup founders understand how investors actually work. Let’s change that. Take our free online course to learn how professional investors think and how they make decisions. 

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