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We create and invest in startup winners. From Coinify, Conferize to Reapplix and MonTa Biosciences – we’ve been on their journey and have seen it all.
We are proud to say that Gust and Fundacity have recognized us twice as the most active seed investor in Europe and in the Top 10 globally. The reason for this, we believe, is because we do our very best to get to know our teams and how they work, prioritize, adapt and execute. Our investment activities are an extension of our accelerator programs – we only invest in startup companies that participate in our program. Since 2012, we have made 67 pre-seed investments in startups. Check out our portfolio below!

Articles and Awards

Huffington Post

Since 2010, Accelerace has helped more than 250 startups raise over 269.5 million US Dollars in funding and investment


Accelerace is Europe’s No. 1 seed accelerator according to the European accelerator report by Gust.


Many of the top accelerator programs can be found in regions all over the world. […] the top seed accelerators are Start-Up Chile, Latin America’s NXTP Labs, Europe’s Accelerace, and Canada’s Alacrity Foundation

Nordic Startup Awards 2017 Winner

Recognized as best accelerator & best professional investor

Business Insider Nordics

“Focus on the beachhead; park all other ideas that don’t seem to work. We were a part of the Accelerace program in 2015 and this was the main learning that helped us.” – Erdem Ovacik, CEO Donkey Republic

Gust Global Accelerator Report

Accelerace is a top 10 seed accelerator globally according to the global accelerator report by Gust.

"Accelerace helped us optimize our business model and scale our sales process. We grew from 10 to 25 employees, and we have tripled our revenues. We could never have done this without the help from Accelerace!”

Jens Reimer, Co-founder, Graduateland

“We have been really pleased with our participation in Accelerace and the strategic counseling which have proven to be crucial in raising capital to make our visions come true and to meet the expectations of our owners.”

Thomas Permin Berger CEO of Sproom

We invest in tenacious startup teams

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Donkey Republic is a new bike share service.
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ChurchDesk (ChurchWeb) is a SaaS targeting churches with unique packages that cover all core features from a CMS, intranet, and CRM.
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Rushfiles provides secure file browsing access and file sharing from anywhere. Share and access the company's files from anywhere on most mobile devices and computers.