Internet of Things

What we believe

The Internet of Things is changing the way we live in multiple ways, from transforming business operations to reshaping how we communicate, manage our homes and lifestyle and monitor our health. In the coming years, billions of devices will be connected to the internet and the revolution has just begun. It’s about networks, it’s about devices and it’s about data.

Accelerace, top 3 European Accelerator and inQvation, the new Danish IoT Hub have joined forces to build a dedicated accelerator for leading innovative IoT start-ups. The program utilises the Nordic position as IoT leaders in Europe to connect start-ups with IoT pioneers, experts, mentors and much more to accelerate their business and gateway to the Nordics. Welcome!

Open for application
Accelerace Acceleration Program

Apply now for the most tailored equity-free accelerator in Europe.

Application Deadline: 02/12/2019

Our portfolio of IoT startups

Attavik's technology enables users to communicate using text messaging or two-way voice calls using RED devices in a meshed network, without the need for any centralized servers or devices, also in areas where there is no mobile coverage.
XapiX makes it easy for developers to engage with open data to prototype smart city solutions.
PreCure is a startup focusing on preventing attritional damage and improving rehabilitation by using wearables.
Avoids flooding in the basement: Wellstops solution is based on patentable technology, very cheap and simple can be mounted in a gully.
Wireless sensor system and associated data processing module for handling biological materials in the agricultural and food sector.
Water Surveillance
Water Surveillance makes an alarm and monitoring performance in relation to reducing the costs associated with water and moisture damage in buildings of all kinds and early warning alarm.
Sensewaves, through the platform “Sweave” and its proprietary sound analysis inspired technology, provide energy utilities and industrial IoT platforms with easily deployable, adaptive and accurate sensor data analysis on the fly, allowing to take better decisions during mission critical operations and to improve internal processes.
PantoInspect is a surveillance system for monitoring train pantographs in motion. The PantoInspect pantograph monitoring system uses advanced sensors and laser equipment to provide detailed digital images during train passages.
Onomondo is first to construct a virtual and scalable software telco engine that is capable of merging GSM networks and eliminate roaming.

What you get

Extensive one-on-one training

We are serial entrepreneurs and we have worked with more than 650 start-ups. We teach you everything that we have learned and give you the right tools.

Pitch for leading Business Angel Community

Get the opportunity to pitch in front of our Nordic Business Angels network with more than 100 dedicated business angels.

Exclusive Mentor Model

Access to our extensive network of mentors and industry experts in the Nordic ecosystem.

Gateway to the Nordics

We plug you in to our extensive network of corporate innovators, ecosystem stakeholders and partners in the Nordics.

Relocation assistance

If you decide to relocate to Copenhagen for the program or part of it, we will help you get settled in and assist you with relocated and accommodation.

Makers Space

Direct access to inQvation test facilities and prototype workshop to unfold your creativity and improve your technology and product.

Learn more about our accelerator

Exclusive Founders Pack

Free resources and tools worth € 50.000 from Amazon, Microsoft, HubSpot, Rackspace, Horten, PA Consulting and many more.

Free office space @ inQvation

You will be offered free office space at inQvation, Denmarks coolest IoT Hub where you will sit and work alongside with some of the leading Nordic IoT start-ups.

Accelerace and inQvation have both been valuable for Onomondo's development. Accelerace was at an early stage helping with testing our market hypothesis and through inQvation our commercial reach has been expanded at the stage, where it has been crucial to scale quickly and efficiently. Both parts have been vital elements for bringing Onomondo to the point, where we are today.

Michael Karlsen


Accelerace got us thoughts on the business side in line and we ended up landing our first investment. At inQvation, we have found a professional environment of like-minded, where mutual sparring is a huge benefit for the further development of our product and growth of our company. The synergies are significant, and an IoT hub just makes sense.

Finn Bech Andersen

CEO Precure

Attavik has attended the programme and we were taught how to find/identify our customers, how to make an investor pitch and now we have tools to progress. We now have a lot of knowledge we didn't have before the programme. We are very happy with the office space at the inQvations community, because we have a great working place and great co-workers from the other companies in the community. It is a very inspiring community and we have great conversations with the other companies.

Jeanne Holm

Co-Founder Attavik

Meet some of our sector specific business accelerators

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Phone: +45 2142 5125

Mads Løntoft

Partner & Investment Manager
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Claus Kristensen

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
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Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
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Jón Ingi Benediktsson

And some of our amazing mentors

Former Techstars Program Manager

Peter Marculans

Investor, Boardmember & Mentor

Peder Nedergaard

Former VP, Nilfisk & McKinsey Consultant

Michael Mortensen

Regional Director, Citrix

Mads Skalbo