Internet of Things

What we believe

The Internet of Things is changing the way we live in multiple ways, from transforming business operations to reshaping how we communicate, manage our homes and lifestyle and monitor our health. In the coming years, billions of devices will be connected to the internet and the revolution has just begun. It’s about networks, it’s about devices and it’s about data.

Accelerace, top 3 European Accelerator and inQvation, the new Danish IoT Hub have joined forces to build a dedicated accelerator for leading innovative IoT start-ups. The program utilises the Nordic position as IoT leaders in Europe to connect start-ups with IoT pioneers, experts, mentors and much more to accelerate their business and gateway to the Nordics. Welcome!

No open applications at this point.
  • Fill the mandatory application form now with information about you and your startup.

  • We will now go through all applications.

  • An assigned team of business accelerators will select and interview startups in this period.

  • Mandatory kickoff camp for all startups.

  • The program will be tailored to your startup, to run in this period.

Our portfolio of IoT startups

Bin-e provides an IoT device with waste recognition based on AI and real-time data. The bin segregates and compresses the recyclables automatically while also controlling the fill level and processing data for convenient waste management. It also generates high-quality raw material that can be resold to recycling companies and turned into a new income stream.
Small Data Garden
Small Data Garden has created IOTSU® Flexi: a small and flexible long-range tracking device making IoT tracking easy, scalable, cost-efficient and providing more value than other solutions.
'hoodHeroes has created a community platform that crowdsources info on and incentivizes users to showcase, rate and co-create brand sustainability via gamification.
YooNoon turns cassava waste into proteins for livestock feed, fertilizer and bio-fuel.
Sense Analytics
Sense Analytics has created software that utilizes not yet thoroughly analyzed data that the water utilities are already tracking. Algorithms analyze the data, which is then visualized interpretably on an online platform. Alarms are sent in case of abnormal events that require attention, meaning water utilities can react faster to leakages and reduce potential fines.
BeResourceful has created a sensor that continuously monitors the moisture content in wood structures by combining data points from wood material moisture level together with ambient data. This provides facility managers early damage detection and prevents large expenses caused by unforeseen damages and repairs.    
JumpStory has created a subscription-based platform where users are provided access to +10 millions of public domain photos. By using AI, they make the process of finding and selecting the perfect image for every purpose much easier.  
WasteHero is a Danish technology company that focuses on optimizing waste management worldwide by using advanced technology that digitalizes garbage collection, making it possible to eliminate inefficient and unnecessary garbage collection, thereby creating significant savings and reducing CO2 emissions.
BEAD Technologies
BEAD is an AI-based system that analyzes, optimizes and operates your building’s energy management, marketing strategies and operations by measuring real-time occupancy data.  

What you get

Extensive one-on-one training

We are serial entrepreneurs and we have worked with more than 650 start-ups. We teach you everything that we have learned and give you the right tools.

Pitch for leading Business Angel Community

Get the opportunity to pitch in front of our Nordic Business Angels network with more than 100 dedicated business angels.

Exclusive Mentor Model

Access to our extensive network of mentors and industry experts in the Nordic ecosystem.

Gateway to the Nordics

We plug you in to our extensive network of corporate innovators, ecosystem stakeholders and partners in the Nordics.

Relocation assistance

If you decide to relocate to Copenhagen for the program or part of it, we will help you get settled in and assist you with relocated and accommodation.

Makers Space

Direct access to inQvation test facilities and prototype workshop to unfold your creativity and improve your technology and product.

Learn more about our accelerator

Exclusive Founders Pack

Free resources and tools worth € 50.000 from Amazon, Microsoft, HubSpot, Rackspace, Horten, PA Consulting and many more.

Free office space @ inQvation

You will be offered free office space at inQvation, Denmarks coolest IoT Hub where you will sit and work alongside with some of the leading Nordic IoT start-ups.

“Accelerace made a huge difference to Trustpilot because they introduced me to people who had the exact experience we needed. Especially in the devising of our business model and the execution of it, it made a crucial difference to us. I’m not sure we would have existed today if it wasn’t for that introduction."

Peter Mühlmann

Founder and CEO of Trustpilot

“Accelerace pushed us to ask the hard questions needed to be answered! That helped me to see what must be done. There is no doubt UpSmarting has developed as a start-up by the participation. As a result, we stand as a more solid co-founding team than ever before.”

Alessandro Karlsfred

Founder and CEO of UpSmarting

"Being part of the Accelerace program has helped us doubling down on what is important for us at our current stage of growth. They have also opened their broad network of expertise and knowledge to us which we're extremely grateful for. We're proud to be Accelerace alumni and are looking forward to continuing our partnership in the coming years."

Emil Ottar Riise

Founder and CEO of Golisto

"Diplomasafe’s co-founding team was part of the Accelerace program in 2019 and we got some valuable feedback on every part of our business that we have put straight into practice. We also got feedback and help with fundraising that worked out perfect.   We received mentoring of high-class during the program both from Accelerace mentors and alumni that gave super feedback but also after the program ended, and I’m sure we will keep the contact in the future. Another great thing about Accelerace is that they don’t ask for equity and still work hard to prove its value.   We have been extremely happy working with Accelerace. Their numbers speak for themselves, and we will do ours to make the numbers even better."

Mikkel Egehave

Co-founder and CEO of Diplomasafe

Accelerace and inQvation have both been valuable for Onomondo's development. Accelerace was at an early stage helping with testing our market hypothesis and through inQvation our commercial reach has been expanded at the stage, where it has been crucial to scale quickly and efficiently. Both parts have been vital elements for bringing Onomondo to the point, where we are today.

Michael Karlsen


Accelerace got us thoughts on the business side in line and we ended up landing our first investment. At inQvation, we have found a professional environment of like-minded, where mutual sparring is a huge benefit for the further development of our product and growth of our company. The synergies are significant, and an IoT hub just makes sense.

Finn Bech Andersen

CEO Precure

Attavik has attended the programme and we were taught how to find/identify our customers, how to make an investor pitch and now we have tools to progress. We now have a lot of knowledge we didn't have before the programme. We are very happy with the office space at the inQvations community, because we have a great working place and great co-workers from the other companies in the community. It is a very inspiring community and we have great conversations with the other companies.

Jeanne Holm

Co-Founder Attavik

Meet some of our sector specific business accelerators

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Head of Acceleration
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And some of our amazing mentors

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Peter Marculans

Investor, Boardmember & Mentor

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Former VP, Nilfisk & McKinsey Consultant

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Regional Director, Citrix

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