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What we believe

Medtech startups offer high returns and impact and can improve millions of lives. However, with less than 1% probability of success, most discovery stage projects fail expensively. There are many risks related to fundraising, go to market, building partnerships etc. and too many decisions are often made on gut feelings due to time and resource constraints.

At Accelerace, we remove those risks by helping you focus your time and resources on critical issues and prioritizing and de-risking your project using personalized issue trees and lean/agile business models. We provide open office hours and sparing for our founders based on over 100 years of collective entrepreneurial experience and using bespoke coaching tools & techniques built by founders for founders.

Through our Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) collaboration, we also offer immediate access to world-class mentors and key opinion leaders.

Our main focuses within medtech


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Accelerace Acceleration Program

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Application Deadline: 15/11/2019

Our portfolio of medtech startups

Obital develops low-cost eye-tracking technology with a vision of changing the way people interact with their surroundings.
KineLive visualizes the client's muscle movements and thereby makes it easier to pinpoint problems and helps to make rehabilitation and training more effective.
MagCath developed a single-use, very soft, silicone tube, that the user herself inserts in the urethra each morning. The tube stays in place all day, and has an inner valve, which restores control over bladder voiding.
Cobo Technologies
Cobo Technologies
Cobo Technologies is a biomedical technology company that develops new services and products within the CRISPR/Gene Editing field.
VulCur MedTech
VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on wound healing, using a novel combination of existing technologies. It is their long-term goal that VulCur's method will become one of the leading treatments for chronic wounds.
Photologics is an app solution for plastic surgeons and other medical professionals to record, store and categorize patient photographs, which are used for planning surgeries, documentation and patient information. The solution allows quick and easy access and a more fluid way to manage patient photography.
RowAnalytics is an AI solutions company innovating high dimensional, hyper-combinatorial data analytics to solve grand challenges in health, food and smart living. RowAnalytics’ innovative tools enable the personalization at scale required to deliver next-generation precision medicine, digital health and smart IoT solutions, with exciting potential in the field of precision agriculture.
Aglance Solutions is advancing the communication and documentation of health symptoms through the development of a digital body mapping and pain tracking software.
Sonohaler is a medical device and app that enables the acoustic monitoring of inhalation of asthma patients by connecting the device to an inhaler and measuring the sound output with a smart phone. Using the app peak flow, flow patterns and flow volume can be monitored and used to evaluate lung function and drug administration.

What you get

Extensive one-on-one training

Business training from experienced serial entrepreneurs

Access to Market

Mentoring from Danish biotech ecosystem experts, specifically match-maked for your startup.

Exclusive Mentor Model

Mentoring from the Danish business community and international experts

Tailormade labs & training

Learning labs and workshops where you receive intensive training designed to maximize your business potential

NOME Access

Access to NOME network with world-class mentors and industry partners like Novo Nordisk Foundation

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Unique access to funding

Helping you get access to money through our network of leading investors, investor programs or our own fund


The right product
It has to be more than just an idea. You must have a validated plan for how you will develop your product and you have defined a strategy for how it can be commercialized. Although it is not a requirement, we prefer if you have already obtained preclinical proof of concept with your technology. Products based on a service and other types of non-product businesses are welcome, but the same principles apply.
The right team
Participating startups must have more than one full-time founder who is 100% focused on the core idea. They must be able to receive coaching and mentoring in English and stay committed to realizing their commercial goals. We are looking for visionary entrepreneurs with ambitions to change the future.

A unique chance to profit from our unique network

As a part of the program you not only get the opportunity to shape your businesses in the accelerator, the most promising startups even have the chance to join the NOME network. The Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) is a mentoring program with world-class mentors which matches Nordic projects and startups with highly skilled volunteer professionals to help them reach their goals and technology milestones.

As a part of the program, NOME also provides a unique platform for startups to participate in a boot camp in the US. There, the projects get access to FDA experts and contacts to on-site representatives. With inspiration from MIT Venture Mentoring Service, the vision of NOME is to develop and implement a best-in-class mentoring initiative that will propel the Nordic countries into one of the leading life science regions to commercialize high growth life science startups.

“Accelerace helped us at a critical early-stage financing. This meant that we were able to finish our pilot study and raise an investment. With this investment, we could initiate our large scale randomized clinic study, and obtain evidence that our treatment can help the patients. The study has just been completed and currently we are busy bringing our LeucoPatch product to the market to help patients heal chronic wounds, like diabetic foot ulcers. We are happily looking back to our time in Accelerace.”

Niels Erik Holm

Chief Operating Officer, Reapplix

"In the beginning of the accelerator, we had a workshop where we got a thorough review of our past major decisions (e.g. what we have done and why). It was a good retrospective to form a base for future decisions. We are now forming stepping stones and a roadmap on what is needed for a complete scalable business model."

Jussi Auvinen

CEO PeiliVision

At the Novo Nordisk Foundation, we are very pleased with the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) that Accelerace has established over the last year. Today NOME covers the entire Nordic region including life science start-ups from all Nordic countries and several high-level mentors in the network. NOME is surely on its way to become the beacon in the ecosystem that we had hoped for from the very beginning.

Thomas Alslev Christensen

Head of Operations, Novo Nordisk Foundation

Meet some of our sector specific business accelerators

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Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
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Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
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Program Manager NOME
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