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Reapplix, Accelerace, EY Award

Accelerace alumnus Reapplix wins EY Award

Former Accelerace alumnus Reapplix has won the EY Entrepreneur of The Year Award in the Life Science category. Accelerace was among the first investors in the company and we are proud of their journey and achievements.

One of Accelerace’s first startups and investments back in 2009 is the medico company Reapplix. They have just won the EY Entrepreneur of The Year Award in the Life Science category.

“It’s a great honour to win this award and a recognition of our innovative wound healing technology that has been shown to help patients with non-healing wounds. We are in the midst of preparing a broader commercialization of 3C Patch®, and this prize is very motivating as we move forward with our exciting plans,” says Graeme Brookes, CEO of Reapplix in a press release.

Reapplix heals the non-healing wounds

The 3C Patch System is designed to help the suffering of patients with non-healing wounds like diabetic foot ulcers; a condition associated with the co-morbidity of amputations and mortality.

The 3C Patch is a robust blood-derived patch prepared directly at the point of care. Reapplix has developed an automated process so that clinicians can offer autologous therapy using only a few minutes of clinician time.

3C Patch® is manufactured using only the patient’s own blood and placed directly on the hard to heal wound.