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Join Accelerace and Symbion when Denmark meets France in the Fifa World Cup the 26th of June. 

It takes courage to be an entrepreneur. Endurance. Passion. Vision. Agility. The same goes for athletes. And what better occasion to gather around entrepreneurship and elite sport than the Fifa World Cup?

That’s why Accelerace and Symbion invite all to watch the world cup on the big screen when Denmark meets France the 26th of June.

At Accelerace, we have often used the analogy that creating elite entrepreneurs takes the same as creating elite athletes. Our Scale Up programme is inspired by the work Team Denmark does with its athletes. But building a growth startup is in many ways similar to the world of football:

“In football, the value of one single player has risen to be valued in billions. Talent development and working systematically with finding them early on has become big business in sports. In that way, it draws parallels to the startup world. Here we eagerly follow unicorns and talents and focus more and more on spotting them and utilizing them to reach their full potential in the best way possible,” CEO of Accelerace and Symbion says.

No victory is too small to be celebrated. We invite all friends of Symbion to indulge in beer and bangers like you were at the stadium cheering for your team. The whole shebang will be held at the newest addition to Symbion, Symbion co-working. Meet impassioned entrepreneurs, resilient self-employed, and all the people from the ecosystem that help by accelerating, supporting, and catapulting Danish entrepreneurship forward.


3.30 PM: We inaugurate the new Symbion co-working by opening the taps and get the beer flowing. Like at a real stadium we serve sausages from the buffet, hot and crisp.

3.45 PM: CEO of Symbion and Accelerace, Peter Torstensen welcomes all with a speech about the similarities between learning entrepreneurship and playing football.

4.00 PM: Fill up your glasses – the match begins!

7.00 PM: Last rounds, we’ll shut off the taps, but keep the place open for another hour.

Date and time:
June 26th 3.30 PM – 8.00 PM

Registration deadline:
June 18th at noon

Symbion and Accelerace

Fruebjergvej 3
2100 København Ø


Registration here: