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inQvation invest millions in new partnership with Accelerace

inQvation has joined the circle of Accelerace owners. With the investment, Accelerace strengthens the role as a unifying actor in the startup ecosystem. Together, inQvation and Accelerace will rethink how we in Denmark can help startups develop and grow.

“With the investment from inQvation, we add another important voice to the Accelerace group of owners and pursue the strategy of bringing together as many stakeholders in the startup ecosystem around Accelerace as possible for the benefit of the entrepreneurs” says Peter Torstensen (CEO Accelerace) just after signing the deal. The purpose of the new collaboration is to raise Danish entrepreneurship to new heights.

“Accelerace is the best accelerator in the Nordics and a significant voice on a European level. Originating from Denmark, it is unique that Accelerace has had, firstly, so many startups through their program and, secondly, created such a deep and extensive knowledge about how to create the most successful businesses,” says Claus Zibrandtsen (CEO inQvation).

New startup initiatives are already in the works

To Claus Zibrandtsen, the collaboration comes naturally in that inQvation has the ambition of creating the best possible ecosystem to entrepreneurs and thus creating better conditions for startups to grow their businesses.

“Year after year, the team behind Accelerace has proven that the way they work with startups and corporates has a huge impact on the development of the Danish entrepreneurial environment. Just keep in mind that over 80% of the startups they have worked with are still alive today. That’s not something you see in many places, ” adds Claus Zibrandtsen.

inQvation gets a direct voice in the Accelerace group of owners with the aim of becoming an even greater asset for startups with growth and scaling in mind.

“Together, we must rethink how we develop startups. We have so many interfaces that derive activities from both Accelerace and inQvation. We are looking into how we can leverage each other’s competencies and create value all the way around – and we have already initiated various initiatives that we plan on launching in 2019, ”says Claus Zibrandtsen.