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The Nordea // Accelerace Matchmaking Network is an exclusive opportunity for selected startups to pitch to Nordea’s Private Banking & Business Banking clients during one of our matchmaking sessions. Every event is for just 8 – 16 investors and up to 5 carefully selected startups.

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The application process

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  • We’ll go through your application manually within 1 week and get back to you.

  • If we believe it's a potential match we will invite you to pitch at our "Live pitch to get in" Day in Copenhagen or on Skype. We invite between 10 - 20 startups to pitch during a 20 minute slot each.

  • We’ll rank and give pitch feedback to all pitchers. The best matches will be invited to the network.

  • If you are selected we will request you to provide more information to promote you on our investors platform online.

  • We will invite you to a pitch at a specific matchmaking event in the exclusive Nordea // Accelerace Matchmaking Network where a maximum of 5 startups are introduced at each event.

  • After the event we will match successfull pitches with interested Business Angels (one-on-one or with a potential syndicate) and provide you with feedback and a benchmark on your pitch.


Nordea strive to find the financial solutions that best suits your needs, so that you can reach your goals and realise your dreams. Nordea Danmark is a branch of  Nordea Bank AB (publ), Sweden.


Has accelerated +500 start-ups over the last 9 years and one of the leading accelerators in Europe.

Also, they have invested in +70 start-ups and have helped leading international corporates in open innovation and start-up engagement.

“For startups the Nordea // Accelerace Matchmaking Network is a fantastic opportunity to reach potential investors – we got in contact with our latest investor at one of the events. As investor you can get on board early and be an active part in contributing to the company’s success through your knowledge and network.”

Toke Reedtz,