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What we believe

Technology has irreversibly changed publishing, distribution, sharing and playback of music. We believe that mobile is going to be the growth area for publishing as well as consumption. High-resolution and high-quality formats will continue to emerge along with 3D and spatial recording. Social platforms will continue to change the way music is promoted and consumed. AI and Digital Signal Processing will keep exploring the possibility of advanced production and playback experiences with music.

Accelerace leverages the existing expertise of the Danish sound and acoustics landscape by matchmaking the most promising international startups with reputable players such as Bang & Olufsen and Harman. In collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark, we have created a tailored accelerator program providing sound startups free access to state-of-the-art testing facilities and makerspace for developing their products. On top, the Sound Hub Accelerator offers you a six-months and equity-free scaling platform with business training from experienced consultants, guidance from mentors within the industry and further access to a specialized network.

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Accelerace Acceleration Program

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Application Deadline: 15/11/2019

Our portfolio of soundtech startups

Hearable Labs
Hearable Labs are making the building blocks for hearable devices. This allows headphone, hearable and VR/AR companies to easily integrate hearable functionality into their devices.
Kien has developed a subwoofer and portable speakers that can be spread around the house. The listener can then be followed by his music from room to room automatically thanks to a smart device.
Voiceitt has developed a speech recognition, the first ASR tech designed to recognize typical speech patterns, translates unintelligible speech, enabling people with speech disabilities to communicate by voice.
IDUN Audio
IDUN audio develope a unique spatial audio engine, that can recreate the natural perception of sound. The user can move his/her head while listening to many moving sound sources in a room.  
OLLO Audio
OLLO Audio offer a silent audio monitoring system. Comprised of studio headphones and a tactile sub bass pillow. It was more than well received by top engineers working with the greatest artists all over the world.
The AWE has developed the mobile application ’Ro’, which is helping users to fall asleep by using ASMR sounds, 3D audio and by minimizing listener fatigue. In effect, physical and mental health is affected positively.
Norly & Friends
Norly & Friends compose songs specific for bedtime and include musical means. The songs themselves work by creating a recognizable routine about having to sleep, which helps the child to fall asleep more easily.
Pianini help parents who want for their kids to love music, develop intelligence and to receive an excellent technical and musical foundation at the piano, where the child gets to practice the piano in a fun game where it can win.
GigsGuide helps travelers find inspiration for their next trip by showing them where their favorite artists will be playing. Type in your favorite band or genre, plot in the nearest airport and your preferred travel dates, and GigsGuide provide you with a list and a map of concerts in the time you’re traveling along with flight and tickets prices so you can find your next destination.

What you get

Extensive one-on-one training

Business training from experienced serial entrepreneurs

Access to Market

Exchange with product specialists from Bang & Olufsen and Harman

Exclusive Mentor Model

Mentoring from the Danish business community and international experts

Tailormade labs & training

Learning labs and workshops where you receive intensive training designed to maximize your business potential

State-of-the-art facilities

Access to state-of-the-art testing facilities and the co-working and makerspace

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Unique access to funding

Helping you get access to money through our network of leading investors, investor programs or our own fund

“Together with the Soundtech acceleration experts, we worked on our player’s acoustics, and we got amazing advice on how to lower down the production costs. We also kick-started the design for another device in just a few days by leveraging the experts pulled in specifically for us”

Theodore Marescaux

CEO and Founder MuuseLabs

"Accelerace organized an intense program that brought Instamic's business plan, sales and marketing strategy to the next level"

Michele Baggio

CEO & Founder Instamic

Meet some of our sector specific business accelerators

Program Coordinator
Phone: +45 2873 5317

Michael Christensen

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 22401084

Thomas Wiborg Steen

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 22 12 42 42

Michael Rohde Böwadt

Technical Accelerator
M: +45 26 28 78 14

Michael Kragelund

Business Accelerator & Investment Manager
M: +45 28 68 96 01

Daniel Pedersen

And some of our amazing mentors

CEO & Co-founder, Instamic

Michele Baggio

Expert in financing and investing in the Creative Industries

Thierry Baujard

Chief R&D and Vice President, KMD

Rahul Yadav

Proudly partnering up with Sound Hub Denmark