Let’s scale up your tech start-up

What we believe

We believe in riding the front of technology waves. We like to work with startups at the platform or application layer that utilize emergent technology to make new things possible. A favorite question is why wasn’t this possible before?

Following our belief, we see massive opportunities in blockchain, biometrics and augmented reality. They all offer new platforms with characteristics that will allow leapfrogs in solving many of the problems we face today.

We think that many of the applications dominating the internet today will be reinvented upon a decentralized node infrastructure and native currency. Biometrics will be a revolutionary data source feeding applications of all kinds and we consider augmented reality to disrupt many of the current use cases of mobile.

We are also keenly interested in XR, AI, IoT and Smart Wear. We consider them as strong evolutionary steps that will change the way we interact with media, software and things.

What you get

Business training from experienced serial entrepreneurs

Mentoring from the Danish business community and international experts

Learning labs and workshops where you receive intensive training designed to maximize your business potential

Founders Pack with resources and tools worth EUR 50,000+ from Amazon, Microsoft, Hubspot and many more

Introduction to VCs, business angels & corporates

Investment of 67,000 EUR (500,000 DKK) as a convertible note. The investment is optional.


The right product
It has to be more than just an idea. Preferably, you already have a product on the market, but as a minimum, you need to have a Minimum Viable Product. Your product must solve a real problem in a market big enough to make your company attractive to investors.
The right team
You must have a minimum of two full-time and equity-owning founders who are able to tackle both commercial and technical issues. Strong industry insights and experience is preferred, and you must be open and willing to be challenged on your basic assumptions about your business.


"Months after graduating the Accelerace programme, we experienced strong growth, got a seed investment, grew our team and certainly expanded the number of bikes in the streets counting 2000 now in 40+ locations. The key learning from the Accelerace program was the how to focus on your beachhead and kill your darlings that are outside the focus."  

Erdem Ovacik

CEO, DonkeyRepublic

"The program was an effective accelerator and a good introduction to relevant business partners and approaches. In particular, the dedicated mentor and the structured approach to testing commercial hypothesis during the program were key for the breakthrough of Transporteca."

Morten Lærkholm, CEO Transporteca

"Accelerace helped us optimize our business model and scale our sales process. We grew from 10 to 25 employees, and we have tripled our revenues. We could never have done this without the help from Accelerace!”

Jens Reimer, Co-founder, Graduateland

“We have been really pleased with our participation in Accelerace and the strategic counseling which have proven to be crucial in raising capital to make our visions come true and to meet the expectations of our owners.”

Thomas Permin Berger CEO of Sproom

“Above all, being part of the Accelerace program helped us understand how investors think. That’s basically why we were able to refine our business model, nail our pitch and eventually secure substantial venture funding to develop and grow our business."

Christian Lund, CEO, Templafy

"The Accelerace program has helped us with our strategic priorities in reaching product-market-fit. We have saved time and boosted our progress as a direct result of the advice we received from our Accelerace mentors and at their workshops. We are deeply grateful for the personal and professional way that the program has been executed and we do not hesitate to recommend Accelerace to other SaaS startups."

Andreas D. Christiansen, CEO & Co-founder at Praice

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are we going to a pitch session in order to get selected?
No, our selection will be based on personal interviews with your personal Business Accelerator - not a pitch session. In our experience, we get to know you a lot better in this way - and you get to know us a lot better. It's not only us that select you - you should also feel that you want to spend your valuable time with us. This forms the basis for a great relationship going forward!
Is it possible to include patent fees in the application?
Yes, you can attach documents to your application. If you scroll down the application page (For startups/Apply) you will be able to attach files. All your documents and other details will be kept confidential.
What stage should the participating startups be at?
It depends a little on technology and market, but from the level of MVP, prototype or more. Our focus is market development.
What is the outline of the contents of the program?
Our program is 100% flexible, individualized and efficient and designed around the challenges that companies at your stage experience. The content is centered around learning labs, workshops, mentoring and coaching that are tailored to your needs. We're a specialized scaling platform rather than a traditional acceleration program.
Do I need to relocate my company to Denmark to participate?
No. You don't necessarily need to relocate since we can do the mentoring remotely. However, you do need to register your company in Denmark (CVR number) and have some activity here e.g. participating in camps and client or investor meetings.
Do you help with the relocation?
If you do wish to relocate to Copenhagen, we will help you with administrative tasks, logistics, discounts and help you get in touch with the right people.
I’ve already participated in other programs – why should I join yours?
Well, it's up to you - however here are the most obvious 5 reasons: 1) We focus on late stage startups that are already on the market and we help them scale. Most other programs are incubators or early stage accelerators. 2) We match you directly with our leading corporate partners that are interested in your technology and which in return will offer your know-how, insights and expertise. 3) You'll get an extra ressource on your team and not just a mentor giving you ad hoc advices.  Our business accelerators & investors spend 180 hours with your startup. Now that's really something. 4) Think of it as a shortcut to the Northern European markets. Not only is our startup tech scene vibrant and booming, but we also offer a  hotbed for clean tech, food and life science and a gateway to the Nordic countries. Denmark is home to 22% of the scaleups in the Nordics – and together the Nordic countries have almost 6 times as many scaleups as the average country in continental Europe, and 9 times more than in Southern Europe. 5) Denmark is one of the most digitalized and innovative countries in Europe. Our bustling, creative startup scene has fostered some of the world’s most successful tech companies and disruptive startups within AI, big data, block chain, healthtech and IoT.
Do you take equity?
We don’t take equity in your startup. We do however include a tag-along right, so we have a right to invest if you find a co investor (up to DKK 0,5 mio.)
How are you funded?
Our program is partly funded by the Danish Government and leading Danish and International corporates with the goal to attract startup talents and create growth.
How much time should I expect to spend on the program?
Our program is designed around challenges that companies at your stage experiences. Consider spending about 4-8 hours per week in average, plus time do business development related efforts with the corporate partners. This factor varies from company to company.


A new and smart way to access massage that saves you travel time while giving you 5 star massage at a better price.
LoudStand is based in Copenhagen and working on the next generation football app to deliver real-time fan opinion to football clubs.
Datapult is a Machine Learning Consulting firm helping companies using AI in all aspects of their operations.
SONISTO creates a  platform to shop and handle audio plugins. It is a free program for Mac and Windows that will make it easy to buy and manage audio plugins.
Visualazer is developing a video sharing platform based on blockchain - a decentralized new ecosystem driven by the community to enable the possibility for content creators to grow faster communities being boosted up by their followers through a gamification system of investments.
Based on novel artificial intelligence & machine learning technologies, FalconAI deploys a series of disruptive applications in various sectors.
ComplyTo has developed a system and algorithm to simplify compliance with privacy law/GDPR specifically aimed at small and medium-size companies.
Gameotic has developed a web-based gaming platform which allows users to drive remote-controlled racing cars on real existing tracks, directly from your computer.